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Seeing positive results with NUCCA and Active Release has further developed Dr. Stehmeier’s belief in taking care of your body so as to have a long, happy and healthy life.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Car Accidents

We process all claims through ICBC, so that you do not have to worry and can focus on healing.


NUCCA can be very effective with headache conditions.

Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common ailments. Find out how our approach is different.

Neck Pain

Common symptoms include joint/muscle pain, headaches, arm & leg pain.

Shoulder Dysfunction

The shoulder joint can be difficult to assess and treat. Improvement can be achieved by using a systematic approach.

Hip Dysfunction

Hip pain is one of the most common ailments in female patients. Know the reason why this happens and what you can do about it.

What’s NUCCA Chiropractic?

Restores a person’s posture to gravitational zero.

When we have jolts and impacts throughout our life, whether it is from a car accident, falling off a horse or playing sports, we can mis-align the position of our head by just a few degrees. When this occurs our body will compensate by trying to balance the head. The result will be one shoulder higher than the other, a twisted pelvis and your body leaning to one side.

The adjustment is done by gently moving the head back into the correct position.

The adjustment is not forceful. Once this re-positioning takes place, your body will move back to a level and balanced position all at once.


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